So... food intolerances and baking.

Hi everyone!
I know in my last post I mentioned how I might be back to blogging some recipes now and then. Welp, soon after I wrote that I got my test results back for my food sensitivities and it turns out (as I suspected) that I cannot have any type of dairy product from any animal nor can I have eggs (or honey, or certain veggies!). BUMMER.  I love all of those foods so much. But, since I'm trying to heal my body and become the best, healthiest version of myself, I've got to ditch the dairy and eggs (and honey & a couple veggies). I went "cold turkey" and cut them out the day after I found out. That was two (or three?) weeks ago now. I've gotta be honest, I am finally just figuring out how to eat without eating those items, too. It's so different. These two weeks definitely haven't been my best clean-eating times, but I'm adjusting. And I'm feeling like I'm getting better.
So, all of that to say- I've got not clue how to bake without eggs. I can mostly bake without dairy (coconut products work well.) But the egg thing has been tricky and I haven't had much energy to put into trying different things yet. Well, ok. I tried to make a cookie type thing and it tasted like a cardboard graham cracker, but not as good. So that was a bummer. Then I tried to make a vegan plantain socca bread but that was just gross. I'm not accustomed to eating savory banana flavored things. So, after two big baking fails I took a break and just focused on resting and adjusting to my new way of eating (again.)
Thankfully, yesterday, I had a glutenfreevegan baking WIN! :) I made gluten/dairy/egg/soy-FREE Cookies! Peanut-butter-banana-chocolate-chip cookies and they are so good. So that was an encouraging experience. Perhaps I'll post the recipe for you guys... but not tonight because I don't have it with me (sorry about that!)
 This was just a note to say: I haven't forgotten about you! I do want to post. I'm thinking about adding in reviews of things I use, too. What do you think about that? Lemme know!
Also, do you guys have any food allergies/intolerances/sensitivities? Have you any found good substitutes?

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