- Swerve Sweetener -

   I am quite excited to tell you guys about this new sweetener I am using! It is still the sugar alcohol Erythritol, but it's a different brand and formulation. I Love it!
   The company, Swerve, was so very generous and sent me a complimentary goodie box. How RAD of them?! Seriously. I was so excited when this came in the mail. I've been wanting to try Swerve for a while now and this is my opportunity. And what's even better is that I had run out of the sweetener I  used to use the day before I receive this package from Swerve. Perfect timing!
   Unlike in other brands of erythritol, the lovely people at Swerve were able to remove the strange cooling sensation that is typical in erythritol. That is what I am most excited about in using Swerve over other brands of erythritol. Swerve is also not mixed with stevia but is equal in sweetness to sugar. It measures and bakes like sugar. It is a wonderful replacement for sugars! It's got no calories, doesn't impact blood sugar levels (a 0 on the glycemic index), and is safe for diabetics. I highly recommend Swerve. And, no, they did not ask me to write anything about them. These are my own genuine opinions. 
   So far I have used the confectioners type of Swerve in peanut butter frosting and chocolate peanut butter mousse (both recipes, by the way, were phenomenal) :). It worked wonderfully. No cooling sensation. No strange aftertaste. It just sweetened as it should and tasted great. I also used an individual pack in my blended coffee at work- tasted great! No artificial taste (note: it's not an artificial sweetener like splenda/sweet n low/ equal). I also gave a few packets to a coworker.
   Overall, I am very very pleased with Swerve and truly recommend you try it out. If you're looking for ways to be healthier, cut calories, reduce sugar or carb intake, (or any other reason!) do yourself a favor and buy a bag! You can even request a free sample so you can try it without having to buy a whole bag first. When you purchase your Swerve, let them know I sent ya. :)
   Happy Healthy Baking!


  1. Is this only avaiable in USA havent seen it in UK

    1. I believe it is currently only available in the US. Hopefully they will make it more widely available!